Current Regulations: Provo-Orem (Utah County) had a winter (Nov. - Feb.) oxygenated gasoline (min. 3.1 wt% avg.) program. On Sept. 5, 2001, this was reduced to a min 2.7 wt% avg. program. Utah dropped this program effective May 18, 2004.

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Regulatory Services (Weights and Measures), enforces ASTM standards and testing of motor fuels; see Utah Administrative Rule R70-940.

Summer Federal Phase II RVP: Max. 7.8 psi RVP gasoline is required in three counties (Davis, Salt Lake and Weber) in a former 1 hr. ozone nonattainment area (Salt Lake City). Max. 9.0 psi RVP gasoline is required elsewhere. The summer maximum RVP limitation shall be 1 psi higher for gasoline blends with 10 vol% ethanol per Clean Air Act section 211(h)(4). 

Last updated July 2005