South Carolina

Current Regulations: The SC Department of Agriculture, Consumer Services Division enforces ASTM quality standards for gasoline and diesel fuel; see SC Code of Laws Title 39, Chapter 41.

In a memo from the Director of the Consumer Services Division dated November 15, 2004, the SC Department of Agriculture announced that it will not enforcethe diesel lubricity standard in ASTM D 975 until October 1, 2005.

In a letter dated 9/11/08, EPA waived the summer RVP gasoline requirements throughout the state to address a fuel supply emergency caused by tropical storms and hurricanes.

In a letter dated 9/4/12, EPA waived requirements for low RVP gasoline through Sept. 15 and allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline if supplies of low RVP gasoline are not available. 

In a multi-state letter dated 8/30/17, to address a fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey, EPA allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline to be sold throughout the state through September 15. This was affirmed in another multi-state waiver dated 8/31/17. 

H 3707 requires every terminal to offer for sale petroleum product not already preblended with ethanol and that is suitable for subsequent blending with ethanol, and diesel fuel that is not preblended with biodiesel and that is suitable for blending with biodiesel. H 3707 was passed by the House on 4/29/09, amended by the Senate on 3/11/10, and the House concurred with the Senate amendment on 3/23/10. H 3707 was vetoed by the Governor on 3/31/10 and overridden by the House and Senate on 4/15/10 (Act No. 147).

Legislature: H 4713 (introduced in February 2006) and S 1197 (introduced in March 2006) would ban MTBE and other oxygenates in gasoline above 0.5 vol%, effective 1/1/08.

Last updated August 2017