Current Regulations: Sub. HB425, signed by the Governor on May 29, 2002, caps MTBE at 0.5 vol% on or after July 1, 2005 if EPA grants a waiver allowing Ohio to control or prohibit MTBE in motor vehicle fuel. See Ohio Revised Code Section 3704.12.

Effective 1/16/06, a summer max 7.8 psi RVP gasoline standard applied to Cincinnati and Dayton; see Ohio Administrative Code rule 3745-72. However, by Executive Order 2006-08T signed by the Governor on 4/19/06, this program was not effective in 2006. It will be effective no less than 12 months after approval by the U.S. EPA. Ohio EPA held a public hearing on 6/2/06. EPA proposed to approve summer 7.8 psi RVP gasoline for Cincinnati and Dayton (3/29/07; 72 FR 14729) and promulgated approval to begin in the summer of 2008 (72 FR 29269; 5/25/07). The Ohio EPA issued a press release on May 25, 2007 stating that the low RVP summer gasoline program will begin on 6/1/08.

In a letter dated 9/12/08, EPA waived the summer 7.8 psi RVP gasoline requirements in Cincinnati and Dayton as a result of disruptions caused by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike through 9/15/08. 

EPA approved the removal of the summer 7.8 psi RVP gasoline requirement for Cincinnati and Dayton in Ohio's SIP at 82 FR 16932 (4/7/17).  

In a multi-state letter dated 8/31/17, to address a fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey, EPA allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline throughout the state through September 15. 

Legislature: Introduced in October 2003, HB 293 would require that all diesel contain at least 5 vol% biodiesel effective 1/1/06.

HB 245, introduced in May 2005, would require that all diesel contain at least 2 vol% biodiesel, effective on June 30, 2007, if one of the following occurs: 1) OH has an annual biodiesel production capacity greater than 8 million gallons, or 2) there is federal actionthat reduces taxes by at least 2 cents/gallon on diesel fuel that contains at least 2 vol% biodiesel. Sub. HB 245, as reported by the House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, does not include this biodiesel mandate.


Last updated September 2017