North Dakota

Current Regulations: SB 2346, as amended and signed by the Governor on 3/31/05, bans MTBE in gasoline quantities greater than 0.5 vol%, effective August 1, 2005. See chapter 19-10 (Section 1) of the North Dakota Century Code.

ND Administrative Code (see Article 33-34) lists specifications for gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, tractor fuel and kerosene.

In a letter dated 8/29/07, EPA granted a waiver from the 9.0 psi RVP gasoline standard through 9/15/07 for imports used in parts of ND.  

In a multi-state letter dated 8/31/17, to address a fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey, EPA allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline throughout the state through September 15.  

Legislature: Introduced in January 2001, HB 1390 would require that all diesel fuel after 12/31/01 contain at least two percent biodiesel fuel by weight. SB 2282, introduced in Jan. 2001, would require the retail sale of gasohol from at least one pump after 12/31/01 if the retail dealer had a storage tank warrantied by the manufacturer for the storage of gasohol. As amended and signed by the Governor in April 2001, both bills require nothing more than a legislative council study. On Oct. 29, 2002, the Agriculture Committee of the ND Legislative Council endorsed a plan to require that all 87 octane gasoline sold in ND be blended with ethanol. This was a recommendation to the ND Legislative Council.

SB 2027 and HB 1493, both introduced in January 2003, would require that all 87 octane gasoline be blended with 10 vol% ethanol effective 1/1/04.

Introduced in January 2003, HB 1309 would require, among other provisions, at least 2 vol% biodiesel in all diesel (except railroad and off-road coal mining) effective July 1, 2007 if state biodiesel production capacity exceeds 5 million gallons and if there exists federal law to reduce by 2 cents or more per gallon the price of diesel containing biodiesel. However, as amended by the legislature and signed by the Governor on April 21, 2003, HB 1309 does not include a biodiesel mandate.

SB 2229, introduced in January 2005, would require every retail gasoline station to offer a blend with 10 vol% ethanol, effective 1/1/06.

Last updated September 2017