Current Regulations: Kansas City had a summer max. 7.2 psi RVP gasoline standard. Effective summer 2001, Kansas City reduced its RVP standard to 7.0 psi. See Kansas Administrative Regulations 28-19-719.

SB 37, as amended and signed by the Governor on April 19, 2001, caps MTBE at 0.5 vol% on July 1, 2004. However, this provision shall not take effect until EPA grants Kansas a waiver to control or prohibit MTBE in gasoline. See 55-527 of Kansas Statutes. 

In a multi-state letter dated 8/31/17, to address a fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey, EPA allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline throughout the state through September 15.  

Fuel quality testing is conducted as part of the Weights and Measures program of the KS Department of Agriculture.

Legislature: Introduced in February 2003, HB 2279 would require that by July 1, 2005, every motor fuel retailer have at least one pump dispensing gasohol.

SB 387, introduced in January 2006, would require all diesel fuel to contain at least 2 vol% biodiesel and all gasoline to contain 9.2-10 vol% denatured ethanol on or after 1/1/10.

Introduced in February 2007, SB 303 would require that all gasoline contain at least 10 vol% ethanol, effective 1/1/09, and that to the extent supply is available the fuel ethanol should be obtained from a KS qualified ethanol producer

HB 2508, passed as amended by the House on 2/18/10, and SB 425, passed as amended by the Senate on 2/19/10, would require terminals to offer for sale each grade of motor-vehicle fuel which is not preblended with ethanol and which is suitable for subsequent blending with ethanol and diesel fuel that has been preblended to produce a biodiesel blend. The Senate substitute for HB 2508 was passed by the Senate on 3/24/10. 

Last updated September 2017