Current Regulations: On September 20, 2004, Hawaii adopted new regulations requiring at least 85% of all gasoline contain 10 vol% ethanol beginning April 2, 2006. An exemption is allowed if competitively priced ethanol is not available, or in the case of undue hardship. See Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 15, Chapter 35. These regulations implement Section 486J-10 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. Act 161, signed by the governor on 6/26/15, repealed the ethanol mandate effective 12/31/15.  

Hawaii Administrative Rules require automotive gasoline to conform to ASTM D 439-79, class C volatility only per 4-86-10(1), and diesel fuel to conform to ASTM D 975-78 per 4-86-10 (3). Standards are enforced by the HI Department of Agriculture, Quality Assurance Division, Measurement Standards Branch.

Legislature: HB 3044 and SB 3182 introduced in January 2006, would ban MTBE in gasoline, except for de minimis levels, effective 7/1/07. SB 3182 was amended and passed by the Senate on 3/7/06.     

Introduced in January 2013, SB 372 would require diesel fuel to contain no less than: 5% biodiesel by 2015, 10% by 2020, and 20% by 2025; and repeal the ethanol mandate.  

Introduced in January 2015, SB 348 would require diesel to contain no less than: 5% biodiesel by 2016; 10% biodiesel by 2020; and 20% biodiesel by 2025.

Last updated November 2017