District of Columbia


Current Regulations: Federal RFG is required, summer and winter.

In a letter dated 9/18/08, EPA waived the RFG requirement through 11:59 PM on 10/7/08.

In a letter dated 10/31/12, EPA issued a waiver to allow conventional gasoline because of Hurricane Sandy.

In a letter dated 9/16/16, EPA waived the federal RFG requirement until 10/6/16. 

In a letter dated 11/3/16, EPA waived the federal RFG requirement through 11/23/16.

In a multi-state letter dated 8/30/17, to address a fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey, EPA waived the RFG requirements and allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline through September 15. This was affirmed in another multi-state waiver dated 8/31/17. In a multi-state letter dated 9/7/17, EPA extended the RFG waiver through September 26. 

Revised DC Municipal Regulations, Title 20, Chapter 8, require no. 2 distillate fuel oil to have no more than 500 ppm sulfur content beginning 7/1/16 and 15 ppm sulfur beginning 7/1/18.


Last updated September 2017