Current Regulations: On December 16, 2004, the Arkansas State Plant Board approved an enforcement waiver until January 2006 on the ASTM diesel lubricity requirement. In a letter dated December 17, 2004, the Director of the Arkansas Bureau of Standards announced that AR will not enforce the diesel lubricity standard in ASTM D 975 prior to January 1, 2006.

Arkansas Code (see 15-74-404) requires that gasoline, motor vehicle fuel and heating oil meet ASTM corrosion and distillation standards.

SB 237, as amended and signed by the Governor on 3/30/07 (Act 699), requires at least 2 vol% biofuels for all diesel-powered motor vehicles, light trucks, and equipment owned or leased by a state agency, effective 1/1/09. 

In a multi-state letter dated 8/31/17, to address a fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey, EPA allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline throughout the state through September 15.  

Legislature: In 1999, SB 786 was introduced; it would prohibit the sale of any motor fuel that contained MTBE.

HB 1790, introduced in March 2009, would require at least 5% renewable, biodegradable, mono alkyl ester biodiesel by 1/1/10. This could be revised depending on the status of in-state biodiesel fuel production capacity or if the in-state price for biodiesel fuel rises to make compliance economically unfeasible.


Last updated September 2017