Executive Team

Chet Thompson became president and CEO of AFPM in May 2015. He leads a staff that advocates for petroleum refiners and petrochemical manufacturers before Congress and the Executive Branch on a broad range of public policy issues. Under his leadership, AFPM works to emphasize the importance of petroleum refiners and petrochemical manufacturers and the essential products they produce that improve our lives, enable human progress and stimulate the U.S. economy.

Rebbie J. Riley, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Office of General Counsel

Rich Moskowitz serves as AFPM’s General Counsel. He has practiced environmental, regulatory and corporate law for more than 25 years. Moskowitz oversees all AFPM legal matters, supports AFPM’s Legal Committee and supervises AFPM’s broad litigation docket.

Tyler Kubik, Law Clerk

Federal & Regulatory Affairs

Derrick Morgan joined AFPM as the Senior Vice President for Federal and Regulatory Affairs in May 2017 after serving as Chief of Staff to Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska. Before his most recent stint on Capitol Hill, he held several positions at the Heritage Foundation, including Vice President for the Institute of Economic Freedom and Opportunity, where he managed a research division, and as the Chief of Staff to the organization’s President and CEO Ed Feulner.

Claudia Rychlik, Executive Coordinator

Government Relations

Geoffrey A. Moody, Vice President, Government Relations

Cory Toth, Director, Government Relations

Nando Gomez, Director, Government Relations

Justin Sykes, Manager, Government Relations

Regulatory Affairs

David N. Friedman, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Jeff Gunnulfsen, Senior Director, Security and Risk Management

Tim Hogan, Director, Motor Fuels

Michael Burnside, Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Maggie O’Connell, Regulatory Affairs Specialist


Robert Benedict, Senior Director, Petrochemicals. Transportation & Infrastructure

James R. Cooper, Senior Petrochemical Adviser

Rose Sabijon, Senior Manager, Petrochemical Programs


Don Thoren, Vice President, State and Local Outreach

Jared Hawes, Director, State & Local Outreach

Peter Barnes, Manager, State & Local Outreach

John Eick, Manager, State & Local Outreach

Elizabeth Olds, Manager, Outreach & Regulatory Affairs

Airika Walker, Specialist, State & Local Outreach

Industry Analysis

Susan Grissom, Chief Industry Analyst

Asif Gangat , Industry Analyst


Jaime Zarraby has served as Senior Vice President of Communications at APFM since May 2017. She directs strategy and programming to increase appreciation for the fuel and petrochemical industries, promote policies that are important to AFPM’s members and respond to timely news and events.

Rebecca H. Adler, Senior Director, Communications

Diana Cronan, Senior Director, Communications

Kelly Curran, Director, Communications

Raleigh Miller, Senior Manager, Communications

Victor Adams, Manager, Web & Database Systems

Charles Turner, Digital Manager

Gail Easley, Coordinator, Communications

Member Services

Latoya Britt, Manager, Member Services

Colleen Lewallen, Manager, Sponsorship Programs

Naila Stocks, Administrator, Member Services

Technical & Programs

Gordon Robertson, Senior Director, Technical Programs

Adam Ali, Manager, Workforce Development

Yvette Brooks, Specialist, Technical Programs

Tanya Cooper, Specialist, Conference Programs

Health & Safety Programs

Lara Swett, Senior Director, Health & Safety Programs

Eileen Scherzinger, Senior Manager, Safety Programs

Danny Forest, Manager, Safety Programs

Anna M. Scherer, Manager, Safety Programs & Statistics

Mawusi Bridges, Specialist, Safety Programs

Alyse Keller, Specialist, Safety Programs

Rebecca O’Donnell, Specialist, Safety Programs

Jazmynn Croskey, Coordinator, Safety Programs

Convention Services

Helen M. Kutska, Senior Director, Convention Services

Jeanne Boone, Meeting Planner

Brittany Jacobs, Meeting Planner

Morgan Molnar, Meeting Planner

Kira Short, Meeting Planner

Elena Perez, Registrar

Finance & Administration

Brian Tatum has served as Vice President of Finance and Administration at AFPM since September 2018. He oversees and directs the financial and administrative operations of AFPM including the Information Technology, Human Resources, Accounting and Office Administration departments.

Wade L. Easter, Senior Director, Accounting

John Manansala, Accounting Manager

Leon Tran, Senior Staff Accountant

Lydia M. Austin, Senior Generalist, Human Resources

Tanji Davis, Accounting Associate

Angela Segura, Facilities & Accounting Coordinator

Sherry Wright , Receptionist