• RMC Show Directory Advertising Specs

    The Show Directory is a 5.5" x 9" spiral bound directory with divider tabs. In addition to program information, the document includes sections with alphabetical exhibitor information (contact, address, phone, email, etc.), product/service category listing, floorplan, etc. All registrants receive a copy. It will be used as a buying resource for months to come. Your company text only listing is complimentary with your booth fee as in past years but additional advertising opportunities are available under this format. Costs are as follows:

    Full page color ad on "tab" page $2500
    Full page color ad - Inside back cover $3000
    Full page color ad - Outside back cover $3500


    No additional charge for bleeds on advertisements.


    A charge will be made for any changes required in advertising material. Changes requested after the camera-ready copy deadline are on an "if possible" basis only, and AFPM will not be responsible for corrections made by the printer.

    Every attempt is made to verify the supplied file to the supplied proof, however AFPM does not accept responsibility for material content, or color trapping. Production charges apply for material not to spec or for alterations.

    Closing Date

    March 27, 2015

    Oversize Ads

    We reserve the right to reduce material which is larger than our specified sizes, and to charge for the services involved.

    Page Specifications
    Full Page

    • Trim Size/Live Matter: Trim size/Live matter: 5.25" (w) x 9" (h).
    • Full Page Bleed: 5.75"(w) x 9.5" (h).

    Production Specifications

    • Macintosh OS preferred.
    • Please convert all Pantone, RGB or HTML colors to CMYK process builds.
    • All color supporting raster images must be saved as CMYK TIF files with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch at 100%.
    • Please provide a hard copy color proof for all color ads.
    • All black-and-white supporting raster images must be saved as greyscale TIF file with a resolution of 1200 pixels per inch at 100%.
    • Recommended safe live artwork area for important text is 4.375" x 8.25". The safe area begins 3/8" from the left edge on a left-hand side ad and 1/2" from the right edge on a right-hand side ad.

    File Formats Accepted

    • Print ready Adobe Acrobat PDF with all fonts and images embedded.
    • Native files accepted: Adobe InDesign (up to CS6); Adobe Illustrator (up to CS6). Please include all fonts and images.

    Additional Fees

    Please note that files that do not comply with the above production specifications will be charged a graphics design fee at the rate of $150/hour. In all cases, the advertiser will be notified of any discrepancies and will be given the option of correcting themselves or incurring the design fee.

    Send Materials to:
    AFPM, Attn: Katharine Nesslage
    1667 K Street NW, Suite 700
    Washington, DC 20006