Current Regulations: Federal RFG is required throughout the state, summer and winter.

Signed by the Governor on 7/28/08, House No. 4951 (Chapter 206 of the Acts of 2008) requires all No. 2 distillate fuel to contain at least 2% eligible petroleum distillate substitute fuel (derived primarily from renewable biomass, such as planted crops; crop residues; planted trees and tree residues from sustainably managed forests; waste materials including animal waste, animal by-products, organic portions of municipal solid waste, grease trap waste, construction and demolition debris; and algae) by 7/1/10, 3% by 7/1/11, 4% by 7/1/12, and 5% by 7/1/13. The MA DOER will study the feasibility of applying this mandate to No. 4 and 6 distillate fuel and making this mandate apply on a statewide average basis rather than for every gallon of No. 2 distillate fuel. Manufacturers and distributors of petroleum distillate substitute fuel shall provide documentation to DOER that such fuel achieves at least 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per unit of delivered energy in comparison to petroleum distillate fuel. On 8/18/09, DOER announced that the biofuels mandate will begin on 7/1/10; mandated volumes will be waived for the first year, but Early Action Credits can be generated. On 6/30/10, DOER announced the suspension of the biofuel content mandate because it is not feasible on the basis of unreasonable cost and established a voluntary program.

In a letter dated 10/31/12, EPA issued a waiver to allow conventional gasoline and to relax commingling restrictions through 11/20/12 because of Hurricane Sandy.

Distillate fuel oil has a maximum 500 ppm sulfur regulation effective 7/1/14, and maximum 15 ppm sulfur regulation effective 7/1/18; see 310 CMR 7:05.  

In a multi-state letter dated 8/31/17, to address a fuel supply emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey, EPA waived RFG requirements and allowed 11.5 psi RVP gasoline throughout the state through September 15. In a multi-state letter dated 9/7/17, EPA extended the RFG waiver through September 26. 

Legislature: House No. 2561, introduced in January 2003, would ban MTBE in gasoline effective December 31, 2005 if EPA approves opt-out of the federal RFG program.

House No. 3709, introduced in January 2005, would require the Commissioner of the MA Dept. of Environmental Protection to develop and implement a plan, in conjunction with the Northeast Regional Task Force, to ban MTBE in gasoline, effective 12/31/05, if the U.S. EPA approves opt-out of the federal RFG program. Introduced in August 2005, Senate No. 2179 would ban MTBE, ETBE, DIPE and TAME in gasoline, effective 1/1/07. 

Introduced in January 2017, S.B. 1974 would direct the MA Department of Transportation to develop and implement a clean fuel standard to reduce the lifecycle carbon intensity of transportation fuels. 

Proposed State Actions: The Commissioner of the MA Department of Environmental Protection and representatives of ten other states signed a Letter of Intent, dated 12/31/08, to analyze low carbon fuel supply options and develop a framework for a regional Low Carbon Fuel Standard in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region. Governor Patrick and the governors of 10 NE/MA states signed a Memorandum of Understanding dated 12/30/09 for the development of a regional LCFS. 

Last updated September 2017